About us

Croatian physical conditioning coaches association  was formed on November 16th, 2002 with a clear vision in improvement, development and protection of sport through the activities of strength and conditioning coaches. In order to improve sport, we decided to work on the education of strength and conditioning coaches who will with their work  and knowledge improve athletes and with that sport in general.

Education segment is enriched with the traditional international conference which is slowly becoming one of the largest events of that kind in this part of Europe. In order to have more than just one source of information, along with the conference, we issue proceedings which contain all the published papers.

There is also our magazine “Kondicijski trening” (Strength and conditioning training) that is based on theory and methodology of strength and conditioning preparation and therefore gives a complete and up to date information about new findings in training. Furthermore, our association has a great responsibility in protection and promotion of professional status of the members of the association in Croatia and overseas. We want to transfer important experiences and knowledge of our members to other coaches who are willing to learn and refine in order to improve the position of this field in sport.