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Twice a year association issues a magazine “Kondicijski trening” (Strength and Conditioning Training) and proceedings with the materials from annual conferences.

konferencija Conferences

Annual international physical conditioning conferences. Practical and theoretical lectures.

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Particular lectures and demonstrated exercises from the conferences and working lectures. Registration is needed to watch!


Dear colleagues, our guests! 

I proudly welcome you in the name of our association. I would like to emphasise the word pride. In fact, when we remember everything that has happened in the past few years, we can truly see how our organization improved the reputation and quality of our profession, and thus the sport in general. Therefore, it is no surprise that the feeling of pride prevails. I want to especially express great appreciation to our founders who have all these years sacrificially raised this association, and daily raised its value with knowledge, reputation and hard work. Even in difficult times we have shown unity and aspiration to achieve common goals. This way of thinking and working has led our association to today’s level. We can, indeed, boost that we are recognized and respected throughout the region, and beyond, as an important factor for the development of sports. With our simple philosophy that advocates the sharing of knowledge and experiences with the aim of improving sport, we have gained many people, but more importantly, we have retained many. It is nice to know that the association had not forgot its views and beliefs over the years, and that with the traditional conference, it has enabled additional development in every sense.

We are moving on, ready for more work and open to new scientific knowledge. We open our doors to those in the same way to look at sports, those who are aware of the great importance of our profession, and to all of those who wish to advance professionally every day. 

President of the Croatian physical conditioning coaches association.

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