Seminar schedule - Saturday 20.2.


  • Davor Šuker, Zoran Mamić, Dragan Primorac, Igor Bišćan, Luka Milanović - CRO football 2021
  • Bernardo Requena - FSI - Football Science Institute
  • Jesus Olmo - FSI Health and performance methodology for elite football players
  • Paul Bolsom - Swedish national team: The complexity of speed in the modern game
  • Ivan Štefanić - Different training microcycles in elite football (GNK Dinamo case study)
  • Aris Naglić - Physical conditioning after COVID-19 in football (HNK Rijeka case study)
  • Željko Kopić i Marko Matušinskij - Physical conditioning concept in GNK Dinamo youth football school
  • Toni Modrić - Load tracking and management based on GPS parameters

The seminar schedule is valid for live production on February 20, 2021. starting at 9.00am. After the seminar is over, you will have the opportunity to rewind and watch those lectures that you may have missed.